Cicconetti Tennis Club Regulations – Attachment B Board meeting of 28/02/2017


1) Attendance of the club and use of its facilities imply care and respect for them. Failing this, the member is responsible for any damage caused.
2) Players and spectators are expected to observe a befitting demeanour and behave in such a way as not to disturb other players, avoiding intemperate, offensive and improper attitudes and language.
3) The changing rooms and related facilities may only be accessed by players.
4) Animals may not be brought into the club.
5) Smoking is strictly prohibited.
6) The club is not liable for lost or stolen objects and valuables.
7) Players assume sole responsibility for personal injury.
8) Tennis lessons within the club can only be given by coaches and/or instructors who are members of the technical staff.
9) The Board is responsible for enforcing the following regulations and, in the event of infringements, for adopting disciplinary measures in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association.
10) For whatever is not covered by these regulations or in the event of different interpretations, the Executive Board's opinion is final.


11) The Cicconetti Tennis Club is made up of founding, ordinary and honorary members and supporters. Information regarding the rights and obligations of members is contained in the Articles, in the present regulations and in the club’s other official documents.
12) Membership fees are paid annually (calendar year), or half-yearly; they are fixed annually by the Board and must be paid to the club by 31 January (annual fees) and 15 July (fee for second half-year).
13) Failure to pay the fee within the period indicated above implies payment of the court fee in force for non-members.


14) The Board for booking playing time for the following week is displayed from 2.30 pm of Wednesday and is reserved for members only who can book a maximum of 1 hour per person. From 8 am on Thursday, courts may be booked by all without limitation of hours bookable.
15) Fixed weekly bookings are only possible in the time slots from 8 am to 5 pm (hour from 4 pm to 5 pm) and from 9 pm to 11 pm every day, and in all time slots on Sundays.
16) When booking it is obligatory to leave a telephone number.
17) The Executive Board is entitled to close courts for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, for sporting events (team tournaments etc.) and training courses (SAT courses, courses for adults, hours required by the technical staff etc.) which take precedence over personal bookings. Tournaments and courses which, owing to circumstances beyond their control, have to be moved to courts other than those originally booked, or that overrun their time, take precedence over the bookings of members, who will be informed about the new situation as quickly as possible.
18) Heating and lights are turned on at the first request of the day and they should be kept on for the following hours; switching off can only be requested by players from the last hour of the day.
19) From 15 November to the end of February the court fee will include heating and lights. Switching off can only be requested by players in the first and last hours of the day.
20) Bookings may be cancelled up to a limit of 48 hours before the time booked, otherwise the entire court fee will be charged.
21) The names of all players must be shown on the board before going on court.
22) The practicability of the courts will be decided exclusively by the groundsman.
23) Players must wear regulation outfits and shoes suitable for red clay and it is compulsory to sweep the court before beginning play.
24) Real playing time is 55 minutes, to allow regular maintenance.

The Executive Committee